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Decentralized Financial Technology (DEFI-FINTEC).

Blockchain Powered NeoBank for High Risk Markets, Merchants and Personal Clients. Sango Bank is Decentralized Financial Technology (DEFI-FINTEC).

Problem: It’s become quite hard for a majority of the world and businesses, charities, online technologies and global remittance to function with existing banking rules and regulations, strict policy, religious, political bias and censorship has limited global trade and commerce. Traditional fiat banks also leave clients exposed due to cash illiquidity for large sized transactions which can delay as long as 14 days and have significant fees.

With high exchange rates, costly time delays and high fees, a more efficient technology backed by Blockchain USDC stable tokens pegged to Hard USD cash (USDT, USDC, ETC) was needed. The globe needs access to stable banking merchant services and peer to peer USD payments instantly with very low fees.

The gap between liquidity and transfer is within seconds and easy cash out to USDT or exchange to other Cryptocurrencies or exchange Sango Bank for fiat cash in local currency through the agent system & peer to peer fiat cash out. While offering Merchants, FX Agent, Money Business Services, online and offline sellers Advanced record keeping, invoicing, accounting, bill payment, bill collection Merchant processing, , investments, lending programs, Savings programs, insurance, precious metals & storage, advanced agent system for registered agents to exchange cash on and off ramp with very low fees globally and without many restrictions compared to Fiat banked banks. Crowd funding and donations systems assisting those looking t access global capital.